Friday, 12 August 2011

Festival of Quilts

Had a great day at the Festival of Quilts yesterday at the NEC. My first time of going but there were over 1000 quilts on display, with many textile artists doing demonstrations and lectures.  There were some fabulous quilts both contemporary, art and traditional.  Spent ages (not to mention loadsa money) at artist supplier of choice Art Van Go - that place is just an absolute Aladins cave of artists materials - bought a silk screen and squeegee as I have fancied having a go at silk screen printing for ages.
Also great to meet up with Linda and Laura Kemshall from Design Matters TV. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Maggie Grey at Sutton Coldfield Creative Stitchers

Got the opportunity of attending one of Maggie Grey's demo's on mixed media with my friend EG friend June Parkinson at the Sutton Coldfield Creative Stitchers'  4 day event 'Stitched Up'.  Great day, learned a lot about Maggie's techniques, spent a lot as usual with the retailers as bought some of the materials Maggie had used in her demo.  Can't wait to have a go.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A Wonderful Hectic Week in London

Just back from a hectic week in London gallery and exhibition hopping.  Highlight was the Tracey Emin exhibition Love is What you Want at the Hayward.  To see her blankets in the flesh so to speak instead of always viewing them in books was quite amazing - the intricate work and detail that has gone into them, I could have looked at them for hours except I was getting a crick in my neck looking at the ones at the top.

Also went to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.  Very busy and lots to see.  Its surprising how many paintings they can put on one wall.  Some of the rooms are quite tiny and this is where they put a lot of the public's work.  Difficult to see some of them especially if they are high up.  The winner of the Charles Wollaston prize I found quite disappointing in view of the amazing piece by Yinka Sonibiore which won last year - a round piece of foam propped against a wall. Great to see some of the prints exhibited by the public which are rubbing shoulders with the artworks of such artists as Gavin Turk, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder etc.

Also welcome to the new home for my blog. I have changed from tumblr to as its more versatile with layout, navigation etc. and  seems to be the preferred choice for artists' blogs. For older posts please go to