Monday, 19 September 2011

A Weekend in Lyme Regis

A fabulous weekend with the girls down in Lyme Regis. It was also the Lyme Regis Arts Fest so got to visit lots of artists' open studios in and around Lyme, lots of walking and quite a bit of eating too. Thanks Sue for letting us stay at Nettlebank and for being such a great friend and host. 

One of the best places we visited in Lyme was The Town Mill Bakery - a great vegetarian cafe which bakes its own bread and serves the most amazing food - and its all home made. The set up there is quite an unusual concept - cut yourself a slice of bread from one of the many tasty loaves available, help yourself to a main dish which may be a slice of home made pizza,  a rosemary and garlic focaccia or a warming bowl of  country vegetable stew or whatever takes your fancy, then grab an empty place at one of the long tables where everyone sits together hugger mugger, having ordered a drink at the massive Gaggia on the way. For dessert go back up for a slice of one of their tempting home made cakes and another one if you want because they're all delicious, then on your way out pay at the till. Nobody keeps a tally of what you've eaten, its all on trust but to be honest nobody who comes here would want to diddle them out of a few pence anyway because the food is so good and such good value. Because it was Arts Fest Week over by the breads were some amazing pastel drawings on the wall of the bakers making their bread here at some unearthly hour in the morning.

Breakfast is even more interesting - grab a wooden board and cutlery, cut yourself a slice of bread then toast it in one of the toasting machines, help yourself to a huge bowl of homemade muesli or a boiled egg, then sit down and slather on the butter and raspberry jam from one of the bowls on the long tables.

Fed and watered we are back onto the art trail though for me I'm always thinking about where my next meal is coming from.   Back to the Town Mill Bakery then for a spot of lunch!

Then a brisk walk along the prom where I find a bargain ottoman for £10 in a vintage shop. Intention is to re-cover it but that may end up as a PHD.  Trouble is we then had to carry it around Lyme for the rest of the afternoon.   Thanks Jayne and Sue for carting it round Lyme for me.
Lino-Print Man

Hot Cocolate at Rinky Tinks
Jazz in the Afternoon
No more photos please! 

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