Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Do you have a CD you can add to my birdscarer?

I have a birdscarer in my garden which is made up of unwanted CDs. CDs I either bought on a whim, went through a phase with a particular band or artist and now I can't stand them, CDs bought on the strength of one song (always a bad mistake - once did that with a Smiths album) ones I feel completely embarassed about having in my collection or they may be associated with not very good times and I can't bear to play them anymore. I hang them on a long string between 2 bamboo canes and they dangle over my vegetable plot happily keeping the birds away from the seeds I have planted - the sunlight reflected off them is what keeps the birds away in case you wondered.

Have you got a CD you would like to add to my Birdscarer?  For reasons of practicality this can of course only be a Virtual Birdscarer but if you have any nominations you would like to submit then please add them in the comments below - with a picture if possible.

My current candidate for my Birdscarer is a John Barrowman CD I bought when I was going through a John Barrowman phase.  At the time he seemed to be popping up everywhere - Torchwood, Dr Who, Skating on Ice, looking for Marias and Nancys. I couldn't get enough of him and I do admit I quite fancied him so  thought I would take a punt on his CD.

Big mistake!  Problem was he sounds a lot like Sir Cliff and I just couldn't separate Batchelor Boy with Captain Jack so hence he's been relegated to my birdscarer.

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