Monday, 7 November 2011

Experimenting with Free Motion Stitching

I have been looking at the imagery and text in vintage women's magazines finding it absolutely fascinating how quaint life seemed for women all those years ago.  This image came from Woman's Magazine dated November 1930.  The caption beneath the picture read that "We simply aren't staisfied with feeding the canary and watering the ferns" intimating that there is more to life than the gentility of feeding the birds and watering the plants.  The technique I used was: 
  1. Take a photocopy of the image enlarging to 150% 
  2. Print the image onto artists' canvas using a laser cutter.  Tip: Use the college laser cutter as this isn't the kind of equipment you find lying around the house - it costs thousands of pounds. 
  3. Paint with watercolours
  4. Put the canvas into an embroidery hoop and then free machine stitch over the paint using a variety of threads.  For the dress I used a variegated thread which lends itself to give the appearance of texture and pattern to the dress.   

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