Saturday, 12 November 2011

Laser Cut Printing on an Antediluvian Press

I cut an image from the Woman's Magazine from November 1930 onto a piece of plywood using the Laser Cutter then with a roller painted over it with waterbased printing ink. 

Using an ancient press that Bob had got lying around the 3D studio I printed the image onto a mixture of calico, canvas and cartridge paper.

 The press looked as if it had seen better days. What a bloody shame the college got rid of the old London press which had a rolling drum. Apparently it had been broken up for scrap.  Mmmmmmm!!?   Anyway beggers can't be choosers and here are the results which seem not bad. 

Show this to your husband

I am thinking of sewing the ones on canvas/calico onto an apron/quilt for the Pre-Degree Show. We'll see anyway as I need to do some experimenting and not quite sure yet whether to make the apron out of tea towels or my vintage anitimacassars.

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