Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lost in Lace at the BM & AG

Lost in Lace at the BM & AG is just an incredible exhibition.  Don't be put off by the title of this exhibition - if anyone thinks that this is just an exhibition about lace through the ages or display cases full of moth eaten lace they can think again.   20 UK and international artists have come together to create their own interpretations on lace in a very contemporary way. It deals with structures texture, space, line and the architecture that lace creates. Its about scale both large and small using materials such as latex, polymers, Tyvek and video.  A truly fascinating look at how artists can take something as traditional as lace and transform it into a contemorary art form.

After the Dream - Chiharu Shiota
Shiota concentrates on line in randem patterns of black wool and clothes which form memories of the people that once wore them.
While I was in Birmingham I also nipped into the IKON to catch the last few days of Nedko Solakov's All in order with exceptions.  No tea and buns today unfortunately as I had missed the afternoon tea day but was intrigued by some of his rich textured canvasses. It seemed a pretty tame exhibition though compared to the innovativeness of  Lost in Lace.

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  1. I went to see this exhibition a couple of weeks ago, by accident really! I was early for an interview and popped in to see what was on - and I can honestly say it was the best thing I've seen this year....thoroughly recommend it!