Monday, 26 December 2011

Great Jumpers of our Time No 3 - Sara Lund in The Killing

Sara Lund's Faroese jumper from the Killing.  The jumper is the star.

Merry Christmas One and All

Here's our Santa at rather a jaunty angle

He's maybe had a bit too much sherry on his way round the neighbourhood

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Great Jumpers of our Time No 2 - Colin Firth

And as it's Christmas thought I would give you a real treat with the delectable Colin Firth and his  Rudolph jumper in Bridget Jones's Diary when he turns up at Una Alconbury's New Year's Day turkey curry buffet.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Great Jumpers of our Time No 1 - Howard & Hilda

Woolly Bully got me thinking about jumpers or sweaters whichever camp you happen to belong to. (Bit like frocks and dresses really).  Husband calls them pullovers and my dear old dad referred to them as ganseys or jerseys.  Anyhow I got to thinking of iconic jumpers of our time and who can forget Howard and Hilda from Ever Decreasing Circles. Just the most devoted couple ever, so much so that they always wore matching sweaters and you can't really knock them for that.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Solihull College Pre-Degree Show Private View 14.12.11

Great time was had by all I think both by visitors and participants.  Ray, our trustee caretaker at The Works clocked around 140 visitors on the evening which was pretty good going despite it being a cold December night and a little bit off the beaten track. Here is a sample of some of the work on display including of course my own work:

Housewife - High Value, Low Cost

Housewife (Detail)

Housewife (detail)
Try to Do Better II (Embroidered Applique on Husband's shirt)
Try to do Better II (detail)
Try to do Better I

Try to do Better I (detail)
Work of Maria Burleigh

Maureen Bannister
 Laura Jackson
Amanda Elliott
Andrew Smith

Carly Withers
My 3 pieces of work

Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Pre-Degree Show - Set-up Day

Andrew Smith

Maria Burleigh with Janet's help

Good old Dave!

My Housewife apron

Everything starting to take shape
Maureen and her blessed stapler

Looking good

Yesterday was set-up day and goodness it's really come round quickly.  A really good atmosphere I thought with everyone mucking in and helping each other.  Many thanks to Dave for help with putting up my work. I really am a wuss when it comes to drills.  I can honestly say I've never held a drill in my life - am quite terrified of them and I don't know why.  I'm just a helpless girlie and leave all that to the menfolk.  How pathetic is that?   Thanks as well to  Kevin for loan of spirit levels, tape measures etc.   Felt it all went very well and once everyone's work was in place the gallery looked really good.  Just hope Arlene & Phil are as enthusiastic.  Weight off mine and everyone elses's to finally instal the work after many weeks of planning. Looking forward to the Private View on the 14th.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Woolly Bully - Knit Graffiti

Walking through the Bull Ring I spotted the Bull getting his new Christmas sweater.  Turns out it was Stitches and Hos Knitting group in Kings Heath doing a spot of Knit Graffiti on our Brummie Bull. Would you believe I belong to this group but have never actually been. I could have been part of this!  You know sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to just pick up my pins and knit but there's always something that gets in the way like making sandwiches or cooking dinner.  No wonder its taken me 20 years to knit a fairisle cardigan. Now I just need to sew it together - not another 20 years I hope. Can't believe everywhere I look in the shops there's Fairisle and Nordic knits - they went out of fashion and now back in. I think we can blame Sara Lund in The Killing for that.  Oh how I love a good woolly jumper - its what makes winter so worthwhile - that and casseroles and stews.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Solihull Artists' Forum

Having joined the Solihull Artists' Forum (SAF) back in the summer its really exciting to see the newly built website with my art work featured on there.   SAF is a group of professional artists based in and around Solihull who meet and raise awareness of art in the community.  We have exhibitions and monthy talks to encourage the development of members and promote their work. There is also an annual art trail which is like an open studio event where people visit SAF artists in their own homes and studios to view and talk about their work.
The Cycle of Life

Awash with Laundry


Our Pre-Degree Show has also got a mention on the SAF website.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Works Gallery - Choosing our Spaces.

Went along on Thursday to view the gallery and sort out our spaces.  Anyway we have provisonally chosen spaces but difficult to know exactly how much space each of us will take up.  Should be better on set-up day.  It gets nearer and nearer and time is running out. Can't believe its only on Friday now.  Getting a bit panicky now to say the least as there is so much to do both for the show and for the assessment.