Thursday, 8 December 2011

Woolly Bully - Knit Graffiti

Walking through the Bull Ring I spotted the Bull getting his new Christmas sweater.  Turns out it was Stitches and Hos Knitting group in Kings Heath doing a spot of Knit Graffiti on our Brummie Bull. Would you believe I belong to this group but have never actually been. I could have been part of this!  You know sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to just pick up my pins and knit but there's always something that gets in the way like making sandwiches or cooking dinner.  No wonder its taken me 20 years to knit a fairisle cardigan. Now I just need to sew it together - not another 20 years I hope. Can't believe everywhere I look in the shops there's Fairisle and Nordic knits - they went out of fashion and now back in. I think we can blame Sara Lund in The Killing for that.  Oh how I love a good woolly jumper - its what makes winter so worthwhile - that and casseroles and stews.

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