Saturday, 28 January 2012

Don'ts for Wives (1913)

Don't for Wives- typing on calico, antique lace
Some of my recent art work from my last module at college.  I used my old Olivetti to type words onto calico and then sewed them on to a piece of vintage lace. The Don'ts are taken from a book written in 1913 by Blanche Ebbutt called Don'ts for Wives which are tips for a happy marriage.  It all harks back to the days when I'm afraid the husband was definitely considered the head of the household and the wife was simply  there to pander to his every need and whim. Fear not though ladies because the author also wrote a companion version called  Don'ts for Husbands so we were able to get our own back a little such as:

                     " Don't drop cigarette ash all over the drawing room carpet.
                       Some people will tell you that it improves the colours
                       but your wife won't care to try that recipe."  

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