Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Ring Cushion - Katie & Patrick's Wedding

After all the frenzy of producing a body of work for The Pre-Degree Show it was nice to get back to concentrating on making the Ring Cushion for my niece Katie's wedding.  I had bought a piece of antique lace back in the summer with a view to utilising it either in my artwork or as a possible ring custion for Katie and Patrick's wedding rings at the ceremony.  I bought a 30cm x 30cm cushion pad from John Lewis and a length of stretch satin to match the bride's ivory dress to make the cushion cover. The square of lace was then sewn over the satin cover.  Originally there was a linen centre to it - I suppose it was originally a lace handkerchief.  Like any of these projects it didn't quite go according to plan and I ended up having to discard the linen centre as it was stretching and didn't quite look right.  Happily it worked out better with the satin centre and I then free machine embroidered their names and the date finishing off with sewing on the 2 ribbons which would be tied to carry the rings.
Had another problem with the cushion pad being a bit too knobbly because it was stuffed with duck feather and down - on the back (plain side) looked like it was filled full of spanners.  To make it look smooth and soft I inserted a square piece of Heirloom wadding between the pad and the cushion cover which fortunately did the trick.    Finished off with dotting the i in both Katie & Patrick's names with pearl beads.  Anyway all went well fabulously on the day and here is the result.

Patrick holding the cushion with rings in situ

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