Sunday, 12 February 2012

The 1000 Journals Project

I think everyone searches for inspiration with their sketchbooks and journals and I have discovered just that with a book called The 1000 Journals Project.   I had heard about it before but this week had the fortune of getting my hands on a copy and was so taken by the content that I fed my Amazon habit once again and have now got my own copy.  The concept behind this project is that 1000 journals were left lying around in random places for people to add their mark and ideas and then circulate them. Here are just some of the pages that I've picked out as examples. The book has been published with some of the best entries from around the world.

The leaves on the right are actually stitched in the book

"One thousand journals are travelling from hand to hand throughout the world.  Those who find them will add their stories and drawings and then pass the journal along in an ongoing collaborative art form." 

Creative food for thought.

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