Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cass Art Shop Assistant Living the Dream


On Wednesday Channel 4 broadcasted Random Acts featuring Rob Auton, Cass Art shop assistant and poet. Rob wonders what life would be like for an art shop assistant, living on the same salary as a Premiership footballer! 

Rob Auton's film is a harsh comment on the perverse salaries earned (if earned is the right word) by Premiership Footballers today. A Footballer's Life, featuring Rob Auton, for Random Acts, is one of 5 films produced by The Mob Film Company and Bang Said The Gun. In the style of a silent film, Rob Auton wonders what life would be like for a humble art shop assistant, living on the same salary as a Premiership footballer.

Cass Art Shop is a popular venue for Solihull College students whenever visiting any of the London exhibitions to stock up on art supplies.  It's a real Aladdin's cave of all things arty and the Charing Cross Road branch is only just around the corner from the National Portrait Gallery.  Students can get 15% discount and they also have very good discounted items in store too. I remember buying a huge box of Liquitex acrylics here worth £50 discounted to £19.99.  Well worth a detour. 

Their manifesto is:

Art is freedom. Cass Art believes in art. We know the freedom and creative pleasure it brings. So we want everyone to realise they can do it - and
afford it. 

Our staff are artists. They know art. They enjoy working with what they know. They give you intelligent and thoughtful advice - no bluffing, no hidden agenda.

We negotiate directly with all the famous suppliers. They help us, so we can help you. That's why our prices are as low as they can go.

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