Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Hours # 2

For my Degree Show I am looking at making a huge heirloom quilt/wallhanging that will be made up of vintage embroideries that I have sourced from places like Ebay, antique and flea markets, charity shops etc. This idea started out with a tray cloth I spotted in Age UK last year, a steal at only 50p but I thought how sad that this beautiful piece of embroidery was lying forgotten and discarded in a charity shop.  I thought about the woman that had stitched it (I assume it was a woman as embroidery is a skill traditionally carried out by women although regulars to this blog may have seen my post  Boys Who Sew from January).  What had happened to her?  Was she still alive? Had she gone into a home for the elderly? Had her relatives plundered her house for valuables getting rid of anything they thought wasn't of value?

My 50p traycloth

I recscued the tray cloth, brought it home and for a while it sat looking pretty on top of my chest of drawers but I actually think it's worth more than just being a home for my clutter. I want to turn this and other pieces like it into a piece of art that values the many hours of stitching that have gone into these beautiful and exquisite pieces. 


So I am going to do my bit in the name of art and create my heirloom quilt of forgotten embroideries.  It will be called The Hours and I will dedicate it to all the women who invested so much of their precious time in creating these wonderful pieces.


  1. That'a a great idea Jacqui

  2. I love your idea Jacqui, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  3. Hello Jacqui, if you get at chance pop over to Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery to The Joy of Making exhibition ( runs until 14th April). They have some quite poignant hand embroidered postcards from WW1 on show.
    Also on show is a fantastic paper cut installation by Helen Snell and also hand felted artwork that was made by older people from Penn Hospital. I was employed by Wolverhampton Art Gallery to lead the felting workshops. It was a fantastic project to be involved with. John Thomas mentioned your name to me. I have two websites www.frillipmoolog.co.uk and also www.allsensesart.com

  4. Hi frillip moolog
    This is just the sort of thing I'm interested in so I will certainly try and get along to that in the Easter break. Thanks for the info. Workshops are a thing that I maybe need to start thinking leading if I am going to make a career in this crazy art world.