Thursday, 8 March 2012

Hamish Fulton @ The Ikon - 'A Walking Artist'

Anyone who is a keen walker would be interested in the art of British artish Hamish Fulton.  Fulton makes art out of walking and has an exhibition on at the Ikon at the moment till 22nd April called Walking in Relation to Everything.  

This is a very visual exhibition and the words and text of his huge wall pieces really hit you when you walk into the 2nd Floor galleries and makes full use of the white walls of the Ikon. Fulton makes art about the walks he had completed not only here in the UK but also in China, Tibet and a 'short walk' on Everest.  His works are often responses to political and economic struggles within the countries he visits.

"If I do not walk, I cannot make a work of art"
                                                                 Hamish Fulton

You can meet and take part in a walk with Hamish Fulton on 8th April when he will be leading a city-centre walk - walk and become part of the artwork. 

"Walking is an art form in its own right"
                                                               Hamish Fulton

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