Monday, 30 April 2012

My Sewing Room Haven

Tomorrow the countdown to our Degree Show really starts with it being the 1st of May. Our Private View is on 31st May, although all our work has to be ready for final assessments on 24th May.  Not much  pressure then! There are never enough hours in the day and there is still such a lot to do in terms of work, getting my website up and running, artist's statements etc. and just generally running around like a mad thing.   It's all been worth it though and I'm loving sewing my quilt.  I can honestly say I'm never happier than when I'm sat working in my little sewing room which is also my spare bedroom. There is a single sofa bed in there should anyone stay but they would have to jockey for position with my sewing machine.  Plenty of reading matter about art, embroidery and textiles though, should they want to read in bed.

If anyone has been watching Rachel Khoo in The Little Paris Kitchen  on BBC2 then you will know what I mean as my room is about as small as her kitchen so I keep everything well organised courtesy of Ikea, otherwise I would never find anything. It looks chaotic but it's organised chaos.

Note the obligatory Quality Street storage tins
The little sofa bed acts as a second table

Becky the Bassett hound guards the linen basket stuffed with my stash of knitting wool
Love my diddy ironing board
Another thing I really love about my sewing room is that it's probably the only room in the house where I have complete control over the radiator and don't have to suffer comments from DH like "If you're cold then put another jumper on!"   My sewing room is my haven away from the craziness of the rest of the house where I can sit and sew to my heart's content and listen to my music.


  1. We all love our little sewing spot. Good luck.

  2. Love it. I have a sewing room too, with large work table, computer, sewing stuff, etc. I am lucky to have the second bedroom, so therefore bigger than yours, but still organised(?) chaos. Best of luck with the degree show. I know how it feels from when I did C & G. I may get to see it, but not sure yet.

    1. Shirley Foster - It looks beautiful Jac but far too tidy. Good luck with all the work! x

  3. You want to see my little workshop I've got going on in my garage and little bedroom! Organised chaos indeed, but I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else! X