Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's the Final Countdown to the Degree Show: The Catalogue Assembly

This is what our 250 x Degree Show catalogues looked like yesterday. We all got together for the big assembly forming a production line.  Consisting of an artist's page each, personal statements, acknowledgements and thank-yous.  A feat of engineering to put the pages inside the cover and then bolt the pages in with a screwdriver.   We are really pleased with the result.  You can pick one up at the show to take away with you and keep.  Hope you enjoy reading about us and enjoy the show!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fingerprints Degree Show - 31st May 2012

Well the day of reckoning has arrived. I can't quite believe the end of my three years on the Fine Art degree at Solihull College is almost over. Everything is now in place ready for the tutors to view the work and give us our final mark for the degree, but we won't know that till mid June so although it's an exciting time, its also a bit nerve wracking. The Degree Show is taking place at the college on Thursday 31st May 5.30 -8.30 and then if you can't get along on the evening of the 31st the show is open at the above times.  Please come and join me and my fellow students to celebrate the culmination of 3 years hard work.  It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride during that time but I suppose as my tutors rightly point out that doing an honours degree is not meant to be easy.

Look forward to seeing you all and hope you enjoy the show!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Hours # 5 - The last panel has been sewn in

I'm conscious of the fact that I haven't posted for a while because I'm so busy getting everything ready for my degree show so thought I would give you an update of the quilt.  Today is a momentous day because I have just sewn in the final panel.   I've dedicated the last panel to myself in view of all the countless hours I have spent in making the quilt.  It's been a hard slog involving 2 broken needles, countless refills of the bobbin, lots of swearing, pondering, endless cups of tea and coffee, toast and marmite, the Archers and the odd glass of wine here and there to keep my spirits up but I've loved every minute. Still lots to do before my final assessment on Thursday the 24th when it's 'last chance saloon' and the culmination of 3 years hard work.
I hope you'll all be able to come and see my work along with the rest of the 3rd year BA students' work on the 31st May at Solihull College.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Hours # 4..... Sneak Preview

I am working hard on The Hours, my quilt for The BA Degree Show at Solihull College so thought I would share a few working shots with you.  I don't want to give a lot away and show you finished pieces as that will spoil the surprise but if you are new to my blog, The Hours is a quilt I am making from vintage embroideries sourced from eBay, charity shops, and donations from friends.  The embroideries are mostly tray-cloths from a bygone era when women devoted hours to the art of embroidery and making items for their homes like pillow slips, antimacassars, cushion covers and tablecloths.  They come from an age when women probably sat in the evenings with their needlework while watching TV or in the afternoon, after the chores were done and they could sit down for an hour or two before they had to start work again to get a meal on the table before children and husband arrived home. Women have always stitched, be it just for pleasure or like my Mum who made all her own clothes and mine as a child and also to earn a few bob by taking in sewing jobs like mending zips and taking up or letting down hems or making curtains.  The Hours consists of 18 'panels' each dedicated to a 'Lady of Stitch'.

Take a look at a preview of our Degree Show called 'Fingerprints' at  Degrees Unedited.  We are 13 students altogether with work including 3D, painting, sculpture, installation and film.   I do hope you can come along to either the Private View at Solihull College on 31st May 6pm - 9pm or if not, the exhibition runs from 1st - 14th June (college closed 4th - 9th June).   Hope to see you there.