Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fingerprints - The End of an Era

Me with 'The Hours' quilt
On Thursday we took down Fingerprints our Degree Show Exhibition.   Sad that it's all over now and not just our exhibition but our time here at Solihull College.  I have spent four happy years here, starting with a Foundation Diploma in Art & Design and then the three years of my degree in  Fine Art.  It's been hard work with highs and lows during the creative process but I have really enjoyed my time here and will be sad not to be coming in each day as I have made lots of friends.  These shots were taken on our 'take down' day.

Arlene Burnett - Our BA Fine Art Course Co-ordinator
Head in a book as usual but shame about the corkscrew legs
Laura's gone to lunch
Maureen sweeping up the remains of her artwork

Amanda's Weather Balloon
Amanda getting ready to let her balloon go

The ceremonial letting go - it really is the end of an era

Off goes the balloon and about one hour after she let the balloon go, Amanda got a phonecall to say the balloon had landed somewhere in Sutton Coldfield so it had travelled about 20 miles.
It seemed slightly uncanny that just as we were leaving the college for good we got the call to say the balloon had landed. It really is the end of an era.


  1. Congratulations, I am sure you deserve it. Will you be bringing any of it - the quilt for example, to the AGM in October for us all to see?

  2. Thanks Doris. Yes I will bring it along.