Sunday, 10 June 2012

Two Castles Run - Warwick to Kenilworth Castle

After all the stress of the last few weeks getting ready for the Degree Show it was time for a little rest and relaxation, at least for me.  This morning my husband took part in the Two Castle 10K Run starting from Warwick Castle and finishing at Kenilworth Castle. While waiting for him to arrive in Kenilworth, daughter and I took advantage of the early start by breakfasting on American pancakes with crispy bacon and smothered with maple syrup, bacon and poached egg on English muffin, coffee and orange juice.  And very nice it was too, made all the more scrumptious by knowing that husband, at the very moment we were tucking into our hearty breakfast was slogging away on his 10K run.

Here he is with Emily at the finish line, number 3632, suitably attired with medal after finishing a respectable 1 hour and 1 minute.  Neil really deserves this bit of glory after all the help and support he has given me during my studies, especially during the last frantic few weeks on the run up to the Degree Show, when he cooked most of the meals and took charge of the house.

Hang on a sec! Isn't that what women do 52 weeks of the year anyway?

Seriously though, he has trained really hard for this, braving the cold and the rain over the winter months, while me and Emily were tucked up cosy and warm in the house.  

Congratulations No. 3632!   You missed a great brekky though.

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