Saturday, 21 July 2012

Alderbrook Borneo 2012

The Alderbrook World Challenge Expedition to Borneo Team
 Jack, Amy,  Matt, Jon, Neil, Dan, Rob, Peter,
Beth R ,  Fenella, Emma,  Jess, Jodie, Shivani, Imogen, Beth H, Abbi, Emily

Well at last the day has arrived when the Alderbrook World Challengers depart for their 4 week expedition to Borneo. Challengers and us parents of challengers have been busy fund-raising since September 2010 and now the many cake-bake sales, face painting days, table-top sales, bag-packing weekends (thanks Sainsbury's), raffles, fashion show, quiz night, paper rounds and car washing have finally paid off.

Last night we all gathered at Alderbrook School for the pre-expedition barbecue and to wish them well and bon-voyage on their great trip.  It was a great evening with lots of food, chat, excitement and anticipation not to mention a few tears when it came to leaving them at school and saying our goodbyes to them for 4 weeks. They spent the night in the school with an early morning start at 3.30 to leave for Heathrow and then a 17 hour flight to Brunei, a flight to Kuala Lumpur and then finally flying in to Kuching in Borneo sometime tomorrow.  

Emily with her 15kg backpack

The Great Providers!  Just what is it about men and barbecues?
Amy, Emily & Beth H

Good luck guys.  Have a great time in Borneo!
Follow their big adventure on the Alderbrook Borneo 2012 Blog.

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