Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The First Raspberries of Summer

I'm trying to take some inspiration from my garden to create some new work so very bravely ventured out into the garden between the showers and discovered this little beauty.  Despite all the rain the first raspberries are starting to ripen and we had enough for a sprinkling each to eat with some ice-cream.

Still a lot of colour out there although disappointingly a lot of the tall stemmed flowers like the poppies have been flattened by the rain. Not sure what this flower is called but it's a perennial and gives some added sunshine to the borders.

 These little poppies stand up to the rain quite well.

One of my favourite shrubs. I love the delicate pink of this flower almost like tissue paper.

I love the way the raindrops stay on this plant.  For now the name escapes me but it always looks lovelier after it's rained.

 Found this little wee fellow in the rockery.

Campanula - a lovely rockery flower.

Johnson's Blue Geranium plus spider.

I think the poppy seedheads are almost as interesting as the poppy blooms and I always try to keep them for a bit before I get fed up of them flopping everywhere and cut them all down.  A piece of work crying out to be made I think.  For now I'm going to try and work in my sketchbook and see what I come up with.

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