Thursday, 2 August 2012

Girl Cave Power (Phase II) - Renovation

After much negotiating with Darling Husband this is the space that's been allocated to me as my 'studio' space. Shades of Solihull College here. Students of the BA Fine Art course, past and present, will know exactly what I mean here as studio space was/is always an issue with everyone jostling and haggling for enough wall space.

Lots of room for manouevre and expansion though if I play my cards right.  The 2 ceramic cardigans are from my Final Major Project on Foundation Course.  I've propped them against the wall to hide the breeze blocks a bit but they are earmarked for the hall & stairs if it ever gets finished (another of DH's WIPs - Works in Progress). 

Have only been allocated 2 shelves.

Job done! All set up now ready for my first project which will be hand-dyeing fabrics. 

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