Monday, 13 August 2012

Heston cooks a Big Breakfast at Moor Street Station

Had such a surprise last week when we got off the train at Moor Street Station for a day out in Brum to find Heston Blumenthal cooking breakfast for some of the staff at the station.  Looked like they were going to tuck into a hearty breakfast of egg, sausage, beans and toast but of course where Heston is concerned things are never what they seem. 

He served up individual fried eggs' for the staff from the giant 'fried egg' which is actually made up of set yoghurt for the white and the yolk is pureed mango.  He was filming for his next TV series for Channel 4 and I guessed he was focussing on how unhealthy a fried breakfast is compared to yoghurt and fruit but we will have to wait till next year when the series is broadcast to find out the full story.

Didn't have time to stay and see what he served up next but the producer told us that the beans were actually baking potatoes in tomato sauce. The sausages looked like huge rolls of sausagemeat in skins and the bread looked as if it was real bread but rolled out with a rolling pin to make bigger. I can only imagine how disappointed the staff must have been when they came into work expecting a slap up full monty of a breakfast cooked by non other than Heston Blumenthal only to discover they were sitting down to a breakfast of fruit and yoghurt. 

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