Tuesday, 4 September 2012

50 Shades of Grey - Hand Made Paper

I always think September is a watershed in the span of a calendar year - summer has almost ended, holidays are over, children are back at school, the nights start drawing in and of course it's the fast downward spiral towards Christmas.  A time when the fun is over and a time to tackle those jobs that have been put off during summer because of the endless sunshine (ha!!).  Defrosting my freezer being one of them as it's a running battle these days to get things in and out of the freezer without my feet being showered in frost.

And so my September watershed has arrived when I must knuckle down and start to produce some work and maybe actually make a living as a practicing artist.  Of course regulars to this blog will know I have commandeered/been allowed 25% (actually more like 15% the more I come to look - I've been duped) of Darling Husband's 'Man Cave' in preparation for this deluge of creativity although I am not looking forward to working in there during the chillier months with no heating and DH has already told me in no uncertain terms that plugging in the oil filled radiator will be quite out of the question.   Feel that issue will need to be revisited with DH once winter is upon us as I am not prepared to venture into my Girl Cave layered up looking like the Michelin Man.

First on the list for September then was making my own paper using confidential waste destined for our paper shredder.  Using Linda Kemshall's method from Design Matters TV  the shreddings were then  pulped in a liquidiser.  

It's a great way too of getting rid of the hoards of junk mail that comes through the letter box.  Best place for it too. If only I could do the same with the junk phone calls.

Considering this was my first attempt I am really pleased with the results. Overall the paper has finished up in interesting shades of grey shot through with flecks of colour and I love the tiny fragments of text from old bank statements and pay slips that randomly appear. For future batches I will have more of an idea of how to adjust the thickness and the ratio of coloured paper to white.  The paper is thick enough to stitch into, use for collage  or to make into a hand-made book. The possibilities are endless so as I said before it's time to get cracking and knuckle down to some work.

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  1. Love it. Made it myself and still have some for future use. Will you be selling the paper, or keeping it just for yourself.