Thursday, 27 September 2012

Solihull Art Trail 2012

Kathryn's artwork - Note her fabulous 'girl-cave' in the background

Spent last Saturday at designer/maker Kathryn Pettitt's house and 'girl-cave' on the Solihull Artists' Forum Art Trail. Sharing the venue were fellow artists Paula Hamilton, and watercolourist  Graham Blaine. Although a bit nippy, the weather stayed fine, with Kathryn, Paula and Graham receiving a steady stream of visitors and lots of interest. . 

I was there to help Kathryn out with a demo on tie-dyeing fabrics using potassium permanganate.  After mixing the strange brew on the camping stove we dropped the pieces of fabric into the pot.  Although the boiling water turned an Alderbrook shade of deep purple once the potassium hits the water, oddly the fabric dries to lovely shades of brown.

Paula's Ceramics and Landscape - love those hens

As a newcomer to SAF I loved helping out and this has spurred me on to take part in the Art Trail myself next year.  Endless cups of coffee, delicious home-made cakes and the company of Kathryn's two lovely dogs Charlie and Buster made it a really enjoyable day. Disappointed though not to return the next day to see the results of the dyeing session as car was out of action. It had developed a mind of its own on the way home by indicating right all the time; good but only when I actually wanted to turn right. The trick was then to indicate left to try to cancel the right indicator and then back to off but then the right one would come on again so this proved fraught with danger.  Got a few bewildered looks from drivers behind me, mostly men I have to say, who probably thought I didn't know left from right but  it was a good exercise in keeping them alert and on their toes in order to bring them back from the brink, after more than likely, a dreary Saturday afternoon's shopping around Touchwood with the missus.

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