Thursday, 4 October 2012

I Feel a Trip to IKEA Coming on

I feel like a trip to IKEA coming on!  Nothing like the threat of an IKEA trip or a mention of the dreaded 'D' word (DIY) to make a husband's blood run cold.  This all came about on Saturday really, when I jumped at the chance to go to textile artist and author Kim Thittichai's workshop with the Genesis Textile Workshop Group, as I've been a fan of Kim's work for some time.

I've long admired Kim's innovative and creative 'hot textiles' using heat tools to distress and distort fabrics combining them with Vilene, carrier bags and Tyvek to name but a few.  Having now met her she is a lovely larger than life lady who is really passionate about her craft and work and certainly generates inspiration in abundance.

Trouble is now, I've simply got to have her books Hot Textiles and Layering Textiles but Darling Husband has forbid me to buy any more books unless I start operating a one in, one out policy. Our Billy book cases are groaning under the weight and so as a solution to my burgeoning book habit (tip: husband's like solutions, not problems) I merely suggested that it might be a good idea to put up a nice shelving system on the walls of my work-room and have a nice Saturday afternoon saunter over to Cov or Wednesbury IKEA to chose said shelving sytem, partaking in a tasty lunch of Swedish meatballs and lingonberry sauce in the process.  This had an unfortunate effect on DH - not sure if it was the looming trip to IKEA or the actual putting up of the shelves that did it.  I can't think why as I thought he loved  our little trips to IKEA.  

Anyway, I digress. We all had a great time at the workshop ironing old newspapers and combining with good old Bondaweb (our world of textiles would be a poorer place without the wonders of Bondaweb) to create textured colourful surfaces to print and stitch into.  I was a bit of a gilding flake virgin too so loved working with that for the first time to embellish and 'pretty' up the newspaper.

Kim also has a great technique of making 'faux-chenille' using layers of old newspaper and organza.  This was a good way of using up old newspapers because since becoming a textile and mixed-media artist I hate throwing things away and have visions of being discovered one day in my Girl Cave buried beneath hoards of the Solihull freebies we get pushed through the door.

Anyway back to the shelving issue - feel I will need to bide my time here and wait till a better opportunity arises itself, probably when DH is on the other end of a beer which often helps with thorny issues such as these and I can perhaps mention at the same time that other thorny issue of heating in the Girl Cave.  Winter draws on after all.

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