Monday, 29 October 2012

Wildwood Windlass Lasses

Time again for our annual sojourn on Wildwood along the Grand Union Canal from Catherine de Barnes then onto the Stratford Canal up as far as Wilnecote and back. The Men-Folk as usual at the helm took charge of the boat with us wifeys down in the galley taking charge of the cooking and looking after the children, albeit teenagers who probably take care of the grown ups these days.  

The Men-Folk did let us wee girlies loose with the windlasses from time to time to open and close the locks but it's always a bit of a power struggle as they prefer to be in overall charge of navigation.


Always looking for inspiration and  interesting shots which might translate into ideas for an artwork.  I love the old bridges of some of the locks we went through.

En route to The Bull's Head for some prepandial refreshment we got to see some of the beautiful Warwickshire countryside - this is the weir at Wootten Hall, Wootten Wawen.

How about this for a magnificent climber in all its autumn glory.

As a keen knitter this caught my eye  moored in Lowsonford. A narrow boat for knitters to drop by and view yarns and wools. More for retailers though than the home knitter but what a fabulous idea. 

Ducks on parade at Kingswood Junction.

They had come over to see us and fight for our stale artisan bread bought at the local farm shop.

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