Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Von Trapp Family of Bags

Do you remember that wonderful scene from The Sound of Music when Fraulein Maria rips down the curtains from her bedroom window and uses them to run up a few lederhosen and dirndl dresses for the children much to Captain Von Trapp's annoyance. Well I had a similar flash of inspiration myself a few weeks ago when I  attended a bag making workshop by Jennie Rayment called 'Bags Galore'.

No I didn't rip down my curtains but lets start at the very beginning and I will explain. I needed enough material to make 4 bags but when I looked into my fabric stash on the night before the workshop I hadn't got nearly enough.  How do I solve a problem like that? As luck would have it, a few years ago I had bought a huge remnant of curtain fabric for £4 from a charity shop.  I simply remember thinking one day I might actually get round to using it to make curtains but truth is I'm not wild on the design anyway so then I don't feel so bad about using it for bags after all.

So, with a needle pulling thread, I got creative and at the workshop ran up the 4 bags out of said curtain material. I have confidence I thought that this might work and I had so much material I could easily have made sixteen going on seventeen bags.  

There really is something good about being creative and resourceful.  One of my favourite things I made at the workshop was this 'scrip bag' designed by Jennie.

I never thought I would make 4 bags all in one day but the first three bags just happened to be so easy.  Jennie kept us really busy all day and the sound of sewing machines was music to our ears. We agreed that it had been one of our favourite workshops and at the end of the day it was quite sad when we had to say so long, farewell to Jennie.


  1. I've also managed to finish 4 bags and even made some more using some of the techniques from the day.

    Yes it was an excellent workshop and a whole day sewing almost non-stop from 10-4 - wonderful.

  2. love the bags - thought the material worked well. How many more are you going to make? Bags for Christmas anyone?