Monday, 19 November 2012

SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)

SABLE or Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy is a fabulous acronym I first heard used by crochet and knitting artist Pauline Fitzpatrick when she was our guest speaker at the Solihull Embroiderer's Guild meeting earlier this month.    It refers to the stash of wools and yarns that a knitter buys, acquires, accumulates over the years and even if they live to 100 the likelihood of them knitting it all up is quite remote. It's a physical and logistical impossibility.

For anyone with a SABLE of wool Pauline is the perfect inspiration as she produces and designs crochet accessories – jewellery, bags, scarves and hats, and the most amazing wallhangings using free-form crochet.

Pauline says of her work:

"I usually start out with a general idea for the piece I`m making, which evolves during the working process. This is particularly true with freeform crochet, where different yarns can be added as the piece progresses. I am fascinated by colour and texture, particularly the way colours are affected when placed next to each other."

I keep my SABLE in a large linen basket and the other day I tipped it all over the floor to see just how much I had acquired over the years.

It's quite a lot but pales into insignificance when I came across this SABLE from a lady in USA.  

I think it's an addiction thing.  I am certainly addicted to wool and love a bargain so whenever I see a Rowan Wools sale I try to stock up.  The thing is I am a really slow knitter (more a time factor here than skill or dexterity and it's not for the want of trying you must understand - just not enough hours in the day) and the fact I have been knitting a Fair-Isle cardigan for the last 21 years does not really come into it.

I am addicted to books too, particularly cookery books because of my love of cooking.  I also have an Amazon habit so the two go hand in glove but I got to thinking about all my cook books and the recipes contained within and see them as some sort of SABLE for recipes which could be RABBLE (Recipe Acquisition Bloody Beyond Life Expectancy) or CABLE (Cookbook Acquisition beyond Life Expectancy). I am always thinking about where my next meal is coming from though so I can have a damn good try at cooking them all. 


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