Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch @ the NEC

Had a fabulous day at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show at the NEC.  It's a showcase of the UK's top textile artists and as a budding textile artist myself it's a great source of inspiration with some stunning displays of work plus demonstrations and an extensive range of fabric and mixed-media supplies and the chance to keep track of new techniques and materials available in the textile world.

Madeira Threads sponsor an embroidery competition every year and the theme this year was Glimpses of Summer with categories for machine, hand and computerised  embroidery.  Madeira choose the winner in each category plus there is a visitors' choice prize.  My favourite and the one I voted for in the computerised machine embroidery category were these embroidered saucy seaside postcards. I remember them from seaside holidays as a child and recall some of them were really rude double entrendres - can you still buy that type of postcard these days?  Loved these though:

I voted for this one in the machine embroidery category for its simplicity of line and composition. 

Loved this one too though which was the overall winner of the competition in the machine embroidery category:

Other stunning pieces of work in the machine embroidery category:

Being a self-confessed chocoholic the dress below designed and made by Karen Delahunty certainly caught my eye. The Cadbury Corset as it is known is made from Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate wrappers that have been sewn together.

 The Meniscus Textile Group's theme this year was Iconic Women which I found particularly interesting as a lot of my own work centres around feminism with regard to domesticity and how women lived during the 20th century. The aprons below were made and embroidered to carry the message: 


More Iconic Women represented on their stand were:

Emeline Pankhurst


Benazir Bhutto

Below is the work of Michala Gyetvai who draws pictures in pastels and then 'paints with fibres' translating her pictures into felted threads on old dyed blankets then stitching into them by hand or machine. Her pieces are such incredibly colourful  interpretations of her pastel drawings from her sketchbooks.  

This stunning dress which is more of a sculpture than a garment was produced by textile artist Karen Casper:

Detail of above

Knitting with Wire

The Green Man in sculptured engineered felt

The Green Man
And for Austenites everywhere I've included shots from the display of costumes from the TV and film adaptations of Jane Austen's novels.  I did take a photo of the shirt that Colin Firth wore as Mr Darcy when he emerged dripping wet from the lake at Pemberley in the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice but unfortunately it was too blurry to put on the blog so here are some other shots I took. I can at least say though that I have seen that shirt in the flesh even though Colin Firth wasn't in the flesh.


For all CF fans everywhere:

Couldn't very well leave him out could I?  Enjoy!


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