Tuesday, 20 August 2013


At the end of my last post which was about my visit to this year's Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC, I did happen to mention that one day I would like to make an art quilt myself that might be worthy of exhibiting at the festival.  Well instead of talking about it with not very much doing, I have been kick-started into action by more than a little friendly and gentle persuasion last week at a meeting of Solihull Artists' Forum of which I am a member. We have a forthcoming exhibition Reflection to be held in the G1 Gallery at Solihull Arts Complex from 10th September to 12th October 2013 so what better opportunity to put my inspiration and ideas from last week's festival to good use and just go for it to create and my own art quilt to enter in the exhibition. Now for those of you who are wondering, the definition of an 'art quilt' is an art object that uses traditional quilting methods and techniques but is based on personal experiences, imagery and ideas rather than traditional quilting patterns and is generally either wall hung or mounted as sculpture.

This is quite a departure for me as I will create the quilt using my own hand-dyed fabrics from last year (knew they would come in useful one day) rather than the method I have used before which is to quilt and embroider onto pieces of vintage household linen.  As our theme is Reflection I have chosen to base it on a lovely photograph of Darling Daughter reflected in a mirror, taken in a St Ives restaurant when she was only 7 years old.  It's by no means anywhere near finished and don't want to give too much away but thought I would show a few photos of my prelimanary work and preparation.

Reflection will be my first exhibition since graduating from Solihull College last year with a fine art degree so I am approaching it with a mixture of excitement and more than a little anxiousness that I will be able to produce a quality piece of work and also get it finished on time. Plus it may even be a possible contender for the Festival of Quilts 2014 - you never know!

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