Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Yarn Bombing in Bishop's Castle

On a camping trip last week to the charming, delightful, arty, quirky, small but deliciously formed market town of Bishop's Castle in South West Shropshire, which also just happens to have a bountiful supply of 6 pubs not to mention 2 breweries liberally sprinkled up and down the high street (but thats another story to follow in a future blog), I realised that the town had fallen victim to an attack of Yarn Bombing.  Now to the uninitiated Yarn Bombing by definition is "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre."  As a keen knitwit myself I found this all rather exciting so attempted to find and photograph as many Yarn Bombs as I could find.  I think I got them all so here they are:


All became apparent when on an evening visit to The Three Tuns pub and brewery I stumbled across the perpetrators the Knitwits, the very friendly local knitting group led by the ladies from the Art & Artisan Bookshop, who meet every Thursday evening in the bar area for an evening of knitting and chat washed down with splendid delights of real ale such as Clerics Cure, 1642 and Rantipole. If I had brought my knitting along (which I often do when on holiday as I don't like being too far away from a pair of pins and some yarn) I would certainly have joined them.

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  1. Love these Jacqui! Thought I had found a favourite early on with the lacework on the signpost, but then I loved the "fins" on the railings, and the birdies, and flowers...!!! Hope we can emulate some of this loveliness soon.. Have been given some big bags of wool by kind donators, so will share out at the Tap x