Saturday, 16 November 2013

A New Motherboard, an Acer and an Apple Pie

It's been a while since I blogged owing to my computer going kaput and needing a new motherboard.  Not knowing a lot about computers  but guessing this was probably going to be expensive and also not going to be a five-minute fix I looked up what exactly a motherboard is and does. Well it holds many of the crucial electronic components and is so called because it is the "mother" of all components attached to it. Its nice to think that the gubbins and what actually makes a PC work is referred to as a "mother," a bit like the role of a mother in the home - crucial and vital to the efficient running of the house. Anyway it's good to have the PC back up and running as I was completely lost without it.  Who would have thought even only a few years ago how important computers have become to the daily routine of our lives not just at work but particularly at home, for things like digital photos, email, purchasing online, news and weather, catchup TV, social networking etc.

What did our mothers do years ago? They got up out of the comfort of their armchair, walked into a draughty hallway, picked up the phone, dialled the number and actually had a conversation with someone the other end, they wrote letters and posted them, took photos then took the film to the chemist to be developed (and wasn't that always so disappointing to find that out of a reel of 36 only a handful of them were any good as they were mostly either out of focus, too dark because some idiot forgot to use the flash, figures just a speck in the distance or heads and feet chopped off.)  Mail order meant spending an evening thumbing through the huge phone directory size catalogues of Grattans or Great Universal and if you wanted to watch a favourite programme on TV it meant having to forfeit a night out to stay in and watch it and woe betide anyone who rang up in the middle of Coronation Street or The Forsyte Saga. I actually remember when the National Grid would report high surges of electricity during breaks or at the end of popular TV programmes when everyone would dash to put the kettles on.  Does that still happen now I wonder with the advent of Sky Plus and BT Vision?  These days I very rarely watch a TV programme during live transmission. 

So on the subject of digital photos I often take my camera out to my garden to snap at whatever is in bloom but I couldn't resist capturing my Acer Palmatum Dissectum which is always at its most magnificent in the Autumn.

Love too these ornamental grasses....

With a Bramley Apple tree in the garden Autumn also means a plentiful supply of one of the best of all comfort foods - home-made Apple Pie. 


So in true Great British Bake Off style here is my home-made apple pie just out of the oven...

....and here it is after. And very nice it was too even though I do say so myself. And who prefers custard or cream or even ice-cream?

Happy Autumn and Happy baking!

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