Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Jenga Bench and Last of the Raspberries

I have wanted a bench in my garden for a long time and with all this talk of vintage and the three Rs - Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose I got to thinking it would be nice to put that into practice and see if I could get hold of an old bench that would look weathered and had seen a bit of life and more importantly hardly cost anything. We are always reading in the Sunday supplements about people who have transformed their homes from middens to mansions and furnished them entirely with reclaimed pieces of furniture from skips or architectural salvage yards - and aren't those people irritatingly always architects, or designers plugging their own design companies. Now the editors of these magazines would have you believe that finding a desirable piece of furniture in a skip is as easy as going up the road to buy your morning newspaper and bottle of milk. How often do we read of the designer who just by chance comes across an old refectory table and six chairs just lying around in a builder's skip. Then you read a little further to discover of course they live in Chelsea or Primrose Hill, or other desirable parts of London. Not so where I live. I have only ever come across manky mattresses or avocado baths.

What I did come across though were some old blocks of wood in my garage hidden beneath a workbench and looking remarkably like Jenga bricks. So I heaved them all out and built them into my very own Jenga Bench.  Not quite what I had in mind but they cost nothing, met the three Rs criteria and now I have my own little haven in the garden where I can sit, read, sunbathe, knit or just contemplate to my heart's content.

I have been picking raspberries from my garden for the last few weeks but they are just about coming to an end. This is probably more or less the last of them now.

And a home made tomato, spinach and feta tart looking amazingly like the photo in the recipe book for once.

So a productive day all round in the garden.

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