Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daily Drawing # 6 Eyes Wide Shut

On Saturday taking part in the Solihull Art Trail I took along my sketchbook thinking I would have plenty of opportunity to do some sketching in Kathryn's beautiful garden for my Daily Drawing. Fat chance!  We were so busy with visitors I did not have chance to get my sketchbook out at all. However, I was determined I was going to draw something before I left so with 5 minutes to spare before I had to leave I spied a lovely vintage water spray for plants.  Quite a challenge then to draw it in a hurry and to make it more interesting I decided to draw it with out looking at the paper.  This is another popular drawing exercise I practised on my Foundation Course helping to develop hand-eye communication. It forces you to only look at the subject matter and to use a continuous line without lifting the pencil off the paper.  

It's so very tempting to peek while drawing with this method and I didn't but I do admit to just adding a line on the right hand side, when I looked at the paper, to make the bowl part of the spray look more in perspective as I was way off course.  I then added some tonal value which I did looking at the paper.

And here is a photo of the real thing. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Solihull Art Trail 2014

Another successful Solihull Art Trail this year held this weekend and organised by Solihull Artists' Forum. I took part and was at Venue 6 with fellow artists Kathryn Pettitt and Paula Hamilton. I could only be there on the Saturday as taking Darling Daughter up to York University so rather a busy weekend for me. Thanks go to  friends and keen art enthusiasts for dropping by and also Kathryn and Mike for hosting in Knowle and  sharing their beautiful garden.  Here are some photos I took on Saturday...

My work in the dining room.

Paula's work in the conservatory

Kathryn's studio at the bottom of the garden..

Kathryn did a mosaic demonstration to visitors.

Here is one she did earlier

And here are some random shots taken throughout the day... 

Kathryn's homemade Coffee & Walnut cake and Paula's home made Chocolate Brownies went down a treat. 


And Rocky and Molly kept us company throughout the day.

Here is Rocky snacking on raspberries. 

PS. Having trouble with my scanner but normal service will be resumed as possible with the daily drawings.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Daily Drawing # 5 My Hand

Oh dear, my daily drawing challenge seems to have gone a bit awry of late owing to a weekend getting in the way and preparations in getting Darling Daughter ready to go off to York University.  Tried to get back on track then today whilst at work, with a drawing of my hand done in black biro because that was the only pen I could lay my hands on in the gallery. I think hands are quite difficult to get right and I have never been any good at drawing them so they end up looking more like bunches of bananas than they already are.

The exhibition guide was also the only paper I could lay my hands on but drawing on newspaper or printed pages with text can add interest and another dimension to the drawing rather than onto plain white paper.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Daily Drawing # 4 - Lee Bul Exhibition @ Ikon Gallery

While at work today I did a couple of quick sketches from the Lee Bul exhibition at Ikon Gallery. It was my first day back after a couple of weeks holiday so it was the first time I had seen the new exhibition by Korean artist Lee Bul which opened last week.  Lots of sculpture, drawings and large scale installations including a maze of multi-faceted mirrors and a suspended sculpture rather like a glass chandelier, dripping with crystalline shapes and glass beads. Lee had a dog that died a few years ago at the age of 17 and she had made a series of maquettes of the dog.  These were two very quick sketches of the maquettes I drew on an exhibition guide with a black biro. 

The Lee Bul exhibition at Ikon Gallery is on till 9th November and well worth a visit.  

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Daily Drawing # 2 The Compact Telephone

For today's drawing (drawn late last night again catching up with another Archers omnibus) I have gone back to my BT roots and captured my beloved Compact Telephone. It's an old dial tele dating back to the 80s and was a smaller version of the basic dial telephone that people of a certain age remember. It does still work but the Compacts don't ring because they were made too small to fit a bell inside so were meant as an extension telephone.

I used a pen and ink wash rather than a pencil. And here is the real one....

Anyway hope you like. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Daily Drawing #1 Left Handed Fruit

I am a great fan of mother and daughter textile artists Linda & Laura Kemshall and for the last two weeks Laura has been updating her blog with daily drawings which I have been following avidly. Laura has set herself a challenge to draw every day in order to fill her stash of empty sketchbooks, record and observe things she sees and to simply enjoy the pleasure of drawing. For me as a textile artist I have certainly gotten out of the habit of just drawing in my sketchbook and I do think that if you don't draw often enough you get out of practice.   When I was on my art & design Foundation course and doing my art degree I filled a total of 21 sketchbooks and journals.  Admittedly not completely full of sketches and drawings but also taken up with writing notes and photographs. Looking back through them again some of the pages are awful and way too much like scrapbooks, but there were always sketches dotted about among the notes and clippings. 

Of course I do use my sewing machine to 'sketch' with when I am embroidering pictures of people but I do love the process of sharpening my pencil to lethal proportions and then just getting on with looking, seeing and getting it all down on paper.  I love the immediacy of drawing in a sketchbook as I haven't got to worry about mixing paints, priming a canvas or even threading up my sewing machine to draw. 

So this is what I drew last night at around midnight with a mug of tea and catching up listening to The Archers Omnibus. It was blissfully relaxing but I realised how out of practice I am. My first attempt at a still life of my fruit bowl ended up petulantly in the bin so thinking back to a  drawing exercise from my Foundation year I drew with my left hand instead of my right which allows for mistakes and gives a more fluid and quirky style of drawing.  So I am going to take a  leaf out of Laura's sketchbook and also attempt to make a daily drawing which I will post on the Daily Drawing Group that Laura has started on Flickr. Anyone can join so if you feel like having a go too and adding to it just remember anything goes and you don't have to be able to draw to be an artist (and I was taught that at art college!).