Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Daily Drawing # 6 Eyes Wide Shut

On Saturday taking part in the Solihull Art Trail I took along my sketchbook thinking I would have plenty of opportunity to do some sketching in Kathryn's beautiful garden for my Daily Drawing. Fat chance!  We were so busy with visitors I did not have chance to get my sketchbook out at all. However, I was determined I was going to draw something before I left so with 5 minutes to spare before I had to leave I spied a lovely vintage water spray for plants.  Quite a challenge then to draw it in a hurry and to make it more interesting I decided to draw it with out looking at the paper.  This is another popular drawing exercise I practised on my Foundation Course helping to develop hand-eye communication. It forces you to only look at the subject matter and to use a continuous line without lifting the pencil off the paper.  

It's so very tempting to peek while drawing with this method and I didn't but I do admit to just adding a line on the right hand side, when I looked at the paper, to make the bowl part of the spray look more in perspective as I was way off course.  I then added some tonal value which I did looking at the paper.

And here is a photo of the real thing. 

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