Saturday, 4 October 2014

Daily Drawing # 8 A Damn Fine Latte

OK I know my daily drawings aren't always daily but I aim to practice when time allows and am aiming to make time when time allows if that makes sense.  Anyway after work yesterday evening had plenty of time to kill before meeting up with friends for an evening out so an ideal opportunity then to do my daily drawing.  Therefore whiled away a lovely tranquil hour reading and sketching in my favourite Caffe Nero in Brindleyplace, Birmingham.  In the words of artist Paul Klee who famously said "Drawing is taking a line for a walk" I did literally that and drew without taking my  pen off the paper which is more difficult than it sounds.  I just drew things that I saw from where I was sitting  with no particular regard for perspective or proportion.  Some might say its a bad drawing but I had a lot of fun doing it and makes for a more quirky style of drawing which I prefer to an accurate representation of the subject matter...and also Caffe Nero serve a damn fine Latte. 

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