Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Journeys - Rail Ticket Sketchbook Challenge #1

Having just been on a mixed-media sketchbook workshop and eager to fill a cute little sketchbook I bought at the Fashion, Embriodery & Stitch show recently I was wondering how to use each page.  Now as every textile and mixed-media artist knows we hang on to everything - tickets, receipts, stamps, cards, envelopes, sweet wrappers and all kinds of ephemera etc. hoarding them because we know they will come in useful in a future project at some point. I travel to work by train and for months have been saving all my old rail tickets knowing that I wanted to use them in some kind of project.  So I have set myself a challenge to fill every page of my new sketchbook with one rail ticket and to be as creative as possible with each ticket. The idea then is that the whole sketchbook will be filled with 'Journeys' using as many mixed-media techniques as I can think of such as drawing, painting, stitch, fabric, printing, transfers, embroidery, felting, rubbings - the possibilities are endless.   So here is the first page.  Admittedly not too ambitious yet but I wanted to kick start the project and not think too hard about each page, to just get on with it and set myself a time limit which should avoid my usual proscratination when faced with a virginal blank page in a sketchbook. 

So here's to many more 'Journeys'. 

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