Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Bean Bag has landed

So the bean bag is finally finished!  Having started it in February it has not been without its trials and tribulations.  Namely, the blessed poly beads just seemed to spill everywhere no matter how careful I was in filling the bag. I am still finding them now in the most unusual places as they become static and stick to everything and I do mean everything! I downloaded the free pattern from allaboutyou which seemed quite straightforward until it got to the bit where I had to pin and stitch six evenly spaced darts around the top of the bag to fit into a smaller circle at the top where the handle goes.  Now to do this I had to calculate the circumference of a circle and maths has never been my strong point but after much googling found I needed to use the formula C = 2πr.  Tricky! Anyway I got there in the end and very pleased I am too with the result.

Micky and Goofy seem quite pleased too...

And it's just perfect for sitting and watching TV on....

And for resting my feet on after a long day.  Bliss, especially if Poldark is on TV.  Well recommended - both  Poldark and the Bean bag that is.

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