Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bloomin' Marvellous

When I was little living at home with my mum, dad and brother I loved our little garden at the back of the house. Dad mowed the lawn and cut the edges while Mum looked after the plants and did the weeding. If our next door neighbours happened to be in the garden too, cups of tea would be made (always tea even during a heat wave) and passed over the garden fence along with slices of home made cake followed by endless chatter.  For me the lawn was the main attraction just right for picnics with my dolls, making wigwams out of bamboo canes and an old blanket and then when I was older lying on that same old blanket for sun-bathing. The plants did not mean that much to me.  They were just the flowers around the edge of the lawn and I would get a telling off from my mum if I stepped into the border, usually to retrieve my ball.  Now I have a garden of my own I have inherited my mum's love of flowers and plants. 

Over the past few weeks I have taken photos of the flowers in bloom because one thing I did not realise until I had my own garden is that very few flowers last all summer long. The Laburnum tree above when it comes into flower looks such a picture but after about a couple of weeks at most the vivid yellow blooms starts to fade.  I try to capture the flowers when they are at their best before they start to fade so here are a few more:


The poppies are spectacular when they are in full bloom but sadly don't last long especially if there is a downpour of rain.

The rain is never kind either to this beautiful peony.

'Snow-in-Summer plant'  Ideal for rockeries.  

This is Vibernum, a shrub producing delicate pink almost white blossoms.

I love to encourage bees into the garden and bees certainly make a beeline for the Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'.

Geranium  'Wargrave Pink' is another Geranium that attracts bees into the garden and is also very easy to grow by dividing. Just cut back after flowering which encourages a second flush of flowers.

Digitalis, commonly known as Foxgloves are perennials that prolifically self-seed in the borders providing architecture and wonderful colour.  Perversely the whole plant is extremely poisonous including the roots and seeds. It is also known by the sinister names of Dead Man's Bells and Witches Fingers.

Not a plant generally grown for its attractive flowers but soon they will seed and grow into delicious raspberries. I definitely feel a Raspberry Cheesecake coming on..........

Can anyone identify this perennial?  I love the yellow flowers on this plant and I see it in so many gardens. It reminds me so much of my garden at home when I was little.   

Clematis Montana gives a glorious display of flowers in late spring but is another where the blooms only last for a short time. After the flowers drop it seems to go berserk growing stems that continually need to be woven into the exisitng stem structure. I swear it's like a beanstalk literally growing overnight. Lots of inspiration then for watercolours, sketching and stitch and hopefully more flowers to come into full bloom during the rest of the summer.

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