Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

When I was a kid I would get very annoyed with the grown ups when they wished for rain for their gardens in a dry spell or a heatwave. "This will do the garden good" was a phrase I often heard from my mum and dad when they would look through the window at a downpour with relish. I thought they were bonkers.   Now I am a grown up myself of course with my own garden that is exactly what I have been thinking these last few days so today's showers have been very welcome. So who's bonkers now?  Out with my camera today then snapping between the showers. I always think the petals on the flowers look so attractive with a few raindrops on them.  Here is what is currently in bloom in my garden.

The majestic Clematis Jackmanii  - the blooms can be as big as tea plates.

 Campanula - a rockery favourite. 

 And another rockery favourite Dianthus

Another species of Geranium giving a good display of colour to the borders.  

I love this Cistus but I have to say though that sudden downpours and heavy showers although keeping the plants healthy don't do the blooms any favours. This Cistus was looking lovely here but the heavy rain has now knocked off most of the petals. The best kind of rain is soft steady rain which soaks right into the soil to get directly to the roots, neither destroying the blooms nor evaporating off  too quickly with the heat. 

The rain of course brings the slugs and snails out in force. I wonder they dare show their face in view of the fact they munched their way through my lettuces and courgettes. The temerity!

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