Monday, 17 August 2015

Journeys #7 - Masking Tape just got Better

Every artist has a roll of masking tape in their kit.  We all know how invaluable it is for its adhesive qualities but did you know it can be used to make your own decorative tape rather like Japanese Washi Tape.

For my 'Journey' here although I have used the masking tape as it was originally intended, for sticking, you will see that it has been painted over.   This was achieved by using a great technique I learnt last year on an Art Van Go printing workshop.  

The object of the workshop was to create colourful printed textiles so masking tape was stuck onto large squares of white cotton in a grid like pattern to mask off areas which were then printed over using fabric paints and various printing blocks and stencils.  

The masking tape was then peeled off. 

The process is repeated several times with the masking tape each time reapplied in a different grid pattern and using different coloured paints.

You are left with a colourful decorative surface printed fabric which can be used in various projects such as patchwork and quilting.  The lovely decorated masking tape is therefore actually a by-product of the whole technique but rather than just throwing it all in the bin once it has been peeled off the fabric, Viv from Art Van Go suggested we stick them in a sketchbook as they are just too nice to throw away.

For this one I cut an apperture in the preceding page which then forms a frame to what is underneath.  So for something that was destined for the bin I think it's a great way of creating your own Washi tape and can be used to decorate any surface. Masking tape just got better!

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