Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A little bit of Splodging & Flicking for Autumn

I am always excited when I order any new art materials (oh the joys of on-line shopping) but am absolutely delighted with my new Liquitex acrylic inks. Liquitex are my favourite brand of acrylic paints and I have their full range of acrylic tubes. The inks have the fluidity of water colour with the high pigmentation of acrylic paint. So what to paint?  Well it's autumn so I took a turn round the garden and came back with a handful of leaves to paint. 

Here are the results in my sketcbook with a bit of added flicking and splodges which the acrylic inks are so splendid at.

Highly recommended.  I feel a lot more flicking and splodging coming on. Available on-line at all good art suppliers. 

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