Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Travelling Sketchbooks September - Art Van Go

I have long been a fan of Art Van Go, a company that has been supplying artists, textile artists and crafters with specialist art materials since they started out in 1989 with just a mobile van taking their art materials to colleges, schools, art societies and textile groups, hence the name Art Van Go.  Based in Knebworth they also have a large shop and studio where they run a series of creative workshops but you can still see the van at shows like the Festival of Quilts and they take their workshops on the road which is how I came to attend a workshop at Solihull Embroiderers called 'What Goes Around, Comes Around'.   

Viv from Art Van Go focused on the versatility of printing using various materials such as acrylic paints, metallics paints, bronze powder, fabric paints, gilding, paint mediums and gels. We used stencils, rollers, rubber stamps, pads and wooden printing blocks and just about anything we could utilise that might give us a good print. Viv's mantra throughout the day was 'don't be washing expensive paints down the sink' so we were taught to be economical and roller excess paint onto ordinary copy paper to create painted papers for collage, or roller into our sketchbooks for backgrounds. 

It was these painted and printed papers that I used in my pages as collage which I then stitched into. 

Here I sandwiched printed papers between two pages into which I had cut little windows. 

Paint  rollered through stencils onto white cotton. 

And here is the van itself, the Aladdin's Cave of art materials - 'Taking the Art Shop to the Artist.' 

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  1. Thanks for the ideas, Jackie - I still have the products of the day waiting to be used!!!