Friday, 20 November 2015

Journeys # 9 - 2-Part Return

So for my journey this time I have tried to make the ticket look like part of the page. It's important when sticking a photograph, photocopy, or item of ephemera onto the page of your journal or sketchbook that it does not look like it's been plonked down otherwise your sketchbook is in danger of ending up looking too much like a scrapbook.  Using gesso I painted over the middle section of the ticket, glued the ticket onto the page then with an orange oil pastel coloured over the two orange bands top and bottom including the page of the sketchbook.  With a fine black marker pen I wrote over the gesso the details of the ticket.

Here is an example in another sketchbook where I have blended in a photograph I took at the V&A of a fabulous bejewelled stiletto shoe with the background of the page.

This is the original photo. I wanted the shoe to stand out so applied bleach to the background and then stuck the photo onto the page using gel medium.  A watercolour wash was then flooded over the page and the background of the photo making the shoe look part of the page. Great shoes!!

I have used the same technique here using a photo of a ceramic bowl taken in the ceramics section at the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. 

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