Wednesday, 13 January 2016

I Feel a Big Sort Out Coming On

So I am diligently working my way through all my New Year Resolutions, some of which have fallen woefully by the wayside and will doubtless reappear on next year's short list (still going strong with 'Dry January' and fitness routine though I hasten to add) but the one I am currently most enthusiastic about is tidying. Oh how I love to de-clutter and at certain times of the year i.e. the start of a new year or the advent of Spring I often feel a big sort out coming on.

What has really prompted this huge jettison of clothes and other such stuff though is a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo recommended by my very good friend Dominika who is an expert on all things Japanese. When I told her about my passion for sorting and tidying she told me about this amazing book that has taken Japan by storm and is now appearing on the bestseller lists here in the UK.  

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from discarding so I thought I would first tackle my knitwear drawers as I have more jumpers and cardigans than I can shake a stick at. There are approximately 50 items of knitwear in the drawers above. It's no coincidence of course that this blog is called 'You Can Never Have Too Many Cardigans' a phrase I inherited from my dear old Mum but I have far too many for my own good.  They take up valuable space and to be honest I only wear a favourite few and it's a well known fact that women only wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. In recent times I have been operating a one-in one-out sytem to avoid getting the drawers wedged but the time has come to be more ruthless. I am therefore going to adopt the KonMarie method and send on its way to a better life anything that doesn't grab me or fill me with joy, or as I have often done in the past - try it on, look in the mirror and ask yourself this vital question "Does it do anything for me?"  Be honest and if the answer is no then chuck it!

Is it a tank-top or a sleeveless jumper? Doesn't really matter as I am sending it on its merry way.  It just has to go. In my next blog I will tell you what happened to it after it ended up in the 'get rid' pile.


  1. You are too creative to ditch the tank top. It will go to another cupboard with the view of converting it into a bag or cushion which you may not need either.

    I too need Marie Kondo. Her name came up yesterday in conversation. But where will the future social history archives be if we discard our past follies?