Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Travelling Sketchbooks - Splendiferous Blousy Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas so thought I would include them in my Travelling Sketchbook.   I got this effect by using Markel Sticks through a stencil of hydrangea petals combined with free-machine embroidery  and the line from a poem.

Watercolour and sequins.

This page was a combination of strips of my own hand-printed fabric stitched together with ziz-zag and running stitch. 

And finally a page so called because whenever I attend a workshop I always come home so fired up with enthusiasm to try out the techniques I have just learnt, that I just have to get right on and make something there and then and this I like to call my 'Consolidate my Learning' phase. This was a piece I made immediately after a dry needle felting workshop with the very talented Michala Gyetvai and it's rather higgledy piggledy in design but consolidating your learning is more about practicing your new technique rather than making a considered piece of work. Time enough for that later on when the inspiration starts to flow.  

Michala 'paints with fibres' on hand-dyed old Witney blankets, like the off white to cream scratchy blankets I used to have on my bed when I was little and which my mum chucked out to be replaced by the new continental quilts.  No more hospital corners and tucking in of sheets and blankets for her. Now I spend my time searching for those old blankets in charity shops and on Ebay so I can hand-dye them, cut them up then needle felt designs and pictures on them.  Now that is what I call consolidating my learning!

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