Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Put a Cork in It!

Well 112 bottles of wine later, here is the corkboard I made out of the recycled corks and let me tell you it was worth every drop.

However, I did have a few contributions from other thirsty friends.

So the easiest part was drinking the wine, the hardest part was cutting the corks in half with good old Mr Stanley Knife (good workout for the triceps) and I used an old box canvas as the base. 

Such a pity that these days most bottles of wine have screw tops which it has to be said are much less hassle to open. No more rumaging among the kitchen utensils for that elusive corkscrew but there is something quite ceremonious and thrilling about drilling down into the cork, then the welcome sound of the cork popping to announce the arrival of the most tastiest of beverages. Am loving my new corkboard so much it seems a pity to cover it up with notices, appointments, calendars and invitations.  It deserves to be displayed unhindered like an artwork which means I will just have to get on and make another one. Cheers to the next 112 bottles!    

Sunday, 3 April 2016

My £10 Stash of Fabrics

So this is the £10 'stuff sack' of fabrics I mentioned before which I got from the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show. Some really fantastic oddments of soft furnishing fabrics which look like they came from a curtain making factory as some bits seemed to be cut off curtains. Anyway the money raised from the sale of the fabrics was being donated to an animal sanctuary.   

A great pity this Mulberry fabric was only a piece out of a sample book.

So you might well ask what am I going to do with it all?  

Well I have been looking on Pinterest for inspiration and came across these fantastic patchwork curtains. If all the bits were sewn together I definitely have anough to make a pair of curtains. 

And then I saw these patchwork covers which would be great for my old sofa but I have to say I feel a patchwork throw coming on so watch this space!