Thursday, 9 June 2016

A Voyage Round My Garden

Nothing like a warm sunny day to get me out in the garden with my camera and start snapping. It's like every time I have gone out there this week I find something new in bloom. However, some of the flowers aren't there long so it's best to capture them when they have just opened and before the storm showers.  I suspect some of the bigger and more delicate blooms like the poppies will have come a cropper from the rain tonight. If I know the name I will write it on but here's what I found in my garden today...

The magnificent Red Poppy

Geranium - 'Johnson's Blue'

Geranium Oxonianum - 'Wargrave Pink (Cranesbill)

More poppies but these are much larger blooms that tend to suffer in the rain if it is heavy and then flop over if not staked. 

Cerastium (Snow-in-Summer) forms a blanket of snow on top the rockery



The Aquilegias (Columbine) always the first of the summer flowers are sadly all fading now and going to seed but they do tend to self-seed everywhere for even more flowers next year.

My first Clematis Jackmanii bloom - as big as a saucer (or a tea plate I think).

An old dug up root of a tree waiting to be put in the border to add a touch of sculpture

The lesser-spotted plumbers stopped for lunch

And who should I find down at the end of the garden trying to get some shade but next door's cat - a regular visitor to our garden especially when we are having a barbecue oddly enough.

A lovely climbing rose which at last after at least 10 years has only now started to climb.  Lots of food for thought here then in terms of inspiration for watercolours, embroidery, or some mixed-media work. 

Ahh yes. More boys in blue. Everything stops for tea! 

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