Thursday, 2 June 2016

Travelling Sketchbooks - Flowers for Lia

Last month I came across a discarded shopping list in a supermarket trolley.  To be honest I have found quite a few of these lists  recently so have started collecting them as they give such an insight into how other people live their lives and what they load into their trolleys. Very often while I am patiently waiting in a queue at the supermarket checkout I study what the person in front of me has loaded onto the conveyor belt. It gets the mind going as to what kind of social situation they are in - single, students, OAPs budgeting on a pension, married with 2.4 kids, what they might be doing at the weekend, will it be a BBQ, dinner party (or these days food for friends), an intimate meal for 2, brunch with friends too drunk to go home from the night before or Sunday lunch with the in-laws and out-laws? All very intriguing to say the least!!

So this is the list I found:

flowers for Lia 
cream x 2
still lemonade
bottle fizz pink x 2
shower gel
bag potatoes
salmon steaks
green beans 
white onion

I picked this up on a Friday but judging by the amount of items on the list, this is not a cumbersome drudgery of a big shop, but maybe a Friday end of the working week quick dash round the supermarket in my lunch hour thing. Quite a celebration by the look of it. Flowers top the list. Flowers for Lia! Who is Lia? Is the shopper a man or a woman, Lia's mother, father, son, daughter or her lover?  Is the shower gel for a quick freshen up (perhaps after work) before Lia arrives and while the pink fizz is chilling?  So, a date night, birthday celebration or family get together?  Lia must love flowers and pink fizz that's for sure.  Will she get the steak and chips or salmon, potatoes and green beans? Dinner for 4 perhaps with 2 non-meat eating friends? One thing is for sure though,  that there will be more than enough pink fizz and rose wine to go round.  

I like using found items of ephemera in my work and stitching words and text, so this seemed the perfect opportunity to recreate the shopping list as an embroidery with a touch of embelishment for a bit of added fizz. So Lia, wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope you had a damn good night!    

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