Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Travelling Sketchbooks - Bespoke Wallpaper

I probably stitch as much onto paper as I do fabric. I love its versatility and if good quality paper is used then it can withstand a lot of stitching. For that reason I love wallpaper and that's why whenever I am in my local John Lewis I always visit the wallpaper section very handily placed next to the ever dwindling haberdashery section (don't get me started!!), and tear off a few little snippets which will come in right handy for stitching.  Farrow & Ball do some great samples too although for obvious reasons you can't just nip in and start merrily ripping away but on the pretext that you are decorating a room then you can come away with quite a few handy A4 size sheets.   Wrapping paper is also an excellent source and for only £1.20 a sheet Ikon Bookshop sell some fabulous designs and very good quality paper just right for stitching, not to mention wrapping presents. 

Here I have collaged and stitched four different papers together. Using a scalpel knife I cut out the birds and leaves from a JL sample, the flowers from two Ikon wrapping papers and then stitched them onto a F&B A4 sample.

I got the idea from artist Claire Coles who creates her own bespoke wallpaper by using layers of vintage wallpaper which are hand cut, collaged and intricately machine embroidered into place.

Above are two examples of Claire's wallpapers albeit on a much larger and grander scale than my humble page from the sketchbook but very inspiring all the same.

Loving her embroidered bird wallpaper.  I would love to wallpaper a whole wall in this style. Food for thought!  A rather ambitious project to add to all my other PhDs (projects half done) so maybe just a few more pages in my sketchbook then instead.

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